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Annabelle Robatche-Claive


Ms Robatche-Claive has a solid background in HR consulting, especially in talent acquisition and development. Her experience working with organizations in a variety of sectors, interacting with senior leaders, managers, and high potentials, has enabled her to understand both systemic and individual issues that challenge people in various functional areas across organizations.

With significant experience in the management of international projects, she believes in the concept of “think global, act local.” Having started her career in financial markets to become an HR consultant, she experienced significant change in terms of professional identity and personal development and enjoys supporting others in such transition periods.

For a global leading firm, Ms Robatche-Claive designed and successfully implemented a customized development program using 360-degree assessment. The target was to develop sales managers’ skills and transfer coaching practices to their leaders, who were trained according to their individual needs. For several high-tech companies, Annabelle designed and implemented assessment based approaches to identify and develop talent pools, support selection decisions both internally and externally, or strengthen succession planning processes. She trained HR professionals on assessment techniques and partnered with them to establish strong credibility and value out of these processes.

Ms Robatche-Claive works collaboratively with clients to identify and tailor talent management solutions adapted to their needs, context and challenges, with a clear focus on maximizing benefits for all stakeholders. She builds a trusting environment, and her experience makes her credible to work at high levels in organizations.

Ms Robatche-Claive holds a master’s degree in finance from the University of Paris Dauphine.

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Phone: +33 1 78 40 73 78

12-14 Rond-point des Champs Elysees
Paris, 75008